{* * $Revision: 17075 $ * Read this before changing templates! http://codex.gallery2.org/Gallery2:Editing_Templates *} {* Let Gallery print out anything it wants to put into the element *} {g->head} {* If Gallery doesn't provide a header, we use the album/photo title (or filename) *} {if empty($head.title)} {$theme.item.title|markup:strip|default:$theme.item.pathComponent} {/if} {* Include this theme's style sheet *} {if $theme.pageType == 'album' || $theme.pageType == 'photo'}{literal} {/literal}{/if}
mainDivAttributes}> {if $theme.pageType == 'album' || $theme.pageType == 'photo'} {g->theme include="slider.tpl"} {elseif $theme.pageType == 'progressbar'}
{g->theme include="progressbar.tpl"} {elseif $theme.useFullScreen} {include file="gallery:`$theme.moduleTemplate`" l10Domain=$theme.moduleL10Domain} {else}
{g->block type="core.BreadCrumb"}
{if $theme.pageType == 'admin'} {include file="gallery:`$theme.adminTemplate`" l10Domain=$theme.adminL10Domain} {elseif $theme.pageType == 'module'}
{* Show the sidebar blocks chosen for this theme *} {foreach from=$theme.params.sidebarBlocks item=block} {g->block type=$block.0 params=$block.1 class="gbBlock"} {/foreach}
{include file="gallery:`$theme.moduleTemplate`" l10Domain=$theme.moduleL10Domain}
{g->logoButton type="validation"} {g->logoButton type="gallery2"} {g->logoButton type="gallery2-version"} {g->logoButton type="donate"}
{g->trailer} {g->debug}